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Marco's Best Upholstery was established in "Year", by Marcos Mendoza and quickly established itself as a custom upholstery shop known far and wide for its innovative, award-winning custom car interiors.

MarcoSo how does an custom interior specialist who does no advertising, and charges a premium for what they do, stay so busy? According to Marcos, “We look for work where it’s invited and where it’s appreciated. Our edge is in using top quality upholstery materials, dedicated craftsman and unmatched customer service.” When asked what he means by dedication and customer service, Marcos said, “It’s simple: If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave here. If our interiors last longer and look better, we look better.”

“We won’t compromise on quality, and during our initial meeting with a potential client, whether it’s an aftermarket company or an individual, we only present two scenarios: better and best. If they’re not interested in going either route, we’ll pass. We’ve also built up a network of friends; we know a lot of guys from various companies on a personal basis, and through the years, they’ve come to not only know our work, but to trust us on doing it a certain way.

1376 E. Edinger Santa Ana, CA 92705

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